It's official. Freman Hendrix has resigned.

It's official. Freman Hendrix has resigned from his post as Detroit City Charter Revision Commission Chair, a position he was elected to in November 2009.

During he tenure as a Charter Revision Commissioner he oversaw public meetings and managed the commission's logistics and inner workings. It wasn't without some squabbles and controversy at meetings between him and other commissioners, but ... hey, that's healthy, no?

Besides, anyone can get a lil testy if they have to suffer through 3-4 hour meetings bored to tears and not get paid for it?

Hendrix got a better job on the board of Greektown Casino which conveniently was a conflict of interest to his position on the commission. Now the commission will decide the consequences of losing a member: Who will be the 9th member? Who will take the empty seat?

Janice Mitchell Ford, former vice chair, will be bumped up to chair to replace Hendrix. But the new member will not have been elected. Some commissioners considered selecting the 10th runner up in the election but ultimately that idea was voted down.

Now any registered Detroit voter can apply to be a commissioner, just need a resume, three references "bam!" I'm sure it's waaaaay more political than that though now that it's left up to the board's discretion.

But hey ... I know I don't wanna be forced to endure 3 hour boring a$$ lectures out of the kindness of my heart. I hope that doesn't make me a bad egg.

Now we know Hendrix's priorities. They're a lot like ours: get money first.

Hendrix’s letter of resignation indicates:
“I strongly believe that the work being done by the Commission is critical to the future of the city of Detroit. However, the Michigan Gaming Control Board has deemed my status as an elected official to be a conflict of interest with my appointment to the Greektown Casino Board of Directors.”

In other words, he's like, "It's been swell, y'all, but ... yyyyyeahhh ... I'm gonna gave to go ahead and sort of leeeeave. This boring ass sh*t ain't worth it!. [Conflict of interest, you know.]"

City of Detroit, Charter Revision Commission (2009)
32nd Floor, Cadillac Tower Building
Detroit, Michigan 48226

If you have any questions in connection with this public announcement, please contact Mr. Gregory Hicks at 313.628.2516.



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