It's been too long...

To rev up my motivation/productivity I really should write on here more. I have been diligently writing in my personal journal but that hardly counts in terms be being seen by the world (however virtual).

Part of me has been bit by the lazy bug. The urge to lounge away by late spring days in the warm sun and soft breeze, reading a book or biking to Belle Isle to run and even swim if the weather and current permits.

No doubt I love Detroit, but staying financially buoyant in these economic waters is a constant hustle. That's what many are coming to find and there's a whole lot of shady business going down. The dilemma is whether to join 'em or slowly sink into poverty.

What could I do to get attention? A friend of mine has a hobby--he started taking pics of local Detroiters on the street and people, editors, are starting to notice his work just from online. It's one of those things one would have to be willing to invest time in, enjoy, and eventually create a portfolio or resume that speak for itself. These days one has to be creative in assuring gainful employment whether that's through contract work of a regular 9-5 or, let's face it, the black market.

There are so many things I want to accomplish before I get too old! While the term old is relative (30 is the new 20?) and I am still indisputably young by any modern measure, I feel like I'm behind on so many accomplishments. Every time I "set" my mind on something, another thing comes up, like going outside, talking to neighbors, spending time with Tim, etc. so I don't do all I could do. I could report of so many things in Detroit just from this blog and generate my own readership, my own news service. Why don't I? It is the summer warmth lazing my bones? The Winder cold? There's always something. So Why Don't I pack my open ended days with my own agenda? Website creation, blog, book, video, photos... Really tho.

There are so many avenues I wish I had the means to support myself while I excel at a hobby. But since I don't, why don't I make that happen? If I can't find the answer to these questions soon then something is wrong with me.

I used to be so up on city politics and now whenever I check in with city business it seems so cyclical, the same annual hotbutton issues, the same unresolved problems, empty promises, unimaginative leadership. One gets bored. I'd rather stick my nose in a National Geographic and let the words and images within cary me to a far away land where Detroit is not even on the map.

I always thought myself to be a decent writer. I have so much improvement to do but I can't let that stop me. Practice is improvmeent, however slow and I have no doubt in my mind that I could write as well if not better than Kiran Desai or Tea Obreht.

But I slack and a daydream and I relax my way into oblivion. At this rate, when I die, I will have nothing to leave behind. But why should I think like that? So to spur my thirst for the writers pen/keyboard I might take up a community college creative writing class and work that out. Or a writers retreat somewhere that forces my competitive spirit to flame up and the words to fall from mind to hand to paper in just the right order to prove my brilliance.

If you start dancing and moving for your own dream creation ensues. Wake up. That's the message that comes to all of us eventaully.


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